The Codefest is a platform that provides the opportunity for aspiring developers to showcase their unique talents to both each other and veterans of the industry. Our Codefest is Bangalore's only overnight school hackathon and we plan on making it as fulfilling and rewarding as possible!


Hackers must submit:

  • Their project
  • Source code (through GitHub)
  • A description of their idea and the implementation
  • A short video demonstration of their project

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$944 in prizes

First Place - Senior Category

Second Place - Senior Category

Third Place - Second Category

First Place - Junior Category

Second Place - Junior Category

Third Place - Junior Category

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Pranav Menon

Judging Criteria

  • Senior Category
    The senior submissions will be judged on their feasibility, the difficulty, the relation to the themes, the quality of the implementation, how innovative it is and the selection of the problem statement.
  • Game Development (Juniors only)
    The game projects will be judged on the art, the gameplay, how close it is to a complete game, its replayability, the idea for the game and the technical complexity.

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